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Center for Integrated MedicineWelcome, Center for Integrated Medicine has relocated to 816 W. Oak Ave as of Feb. 2017. Our Center was established in 1994, the first medical practice of its kind to start locally in Visalia. The Center is now the largest independent, full-service TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practice in California South Valley.

We are medical practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (not by racial descent, but by professional degree). TCM evolved from the ancient Chinese and is both an art and a science. It is important to understand that TCM is called “Traditional” because it is a complete medical system just like allopathic conventional medicine. Chinese medicine is called “Traditional” because it follows accepted medical methods and has proven explanations for its effectiveness. Therefore TCM is a complete medical system based on natural and holistic principles for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. TCM is also functional medicine.

At its core, it is based on medical principles that view the body as an integrated whole of mind, body, and spirit. We understand that we must practice side-by-side with our conventional Western medical colleagues (those with designated M.D. title) to best serve the healthcare needs of our patients. The goal here is to successfully integrate TCM with the customary conventional Western medicine that the majority of the people receive. To that end, our approach is to provide medical care that is either alternative, complementary or as an adjunct. We believe that providing this kind of healthcare choice to our patients is the best of both worlds.

We will find innovative solutions to your health-care needs, we care and we listen. In addition to being in good standing with the medical community, our success record with patients has been exemplary over the years. Our Center consists of a medical clinic with an on-site, one-of-kind natural medicine/ herb pharmacy and on-site herb garden (at its beginning stages). The Center also serves as an accredited teaching facility for interns and medical students. Our facility is convenient for patients because it is a stand-alone building with private parking (as well as plenty of street parking). We are located at the corner of Oak Ave and Conyer, downtown Visalia.

Thank you for visiting our website. There is so much more to learn about who we are and the world of TCM. Please call us to schedule your appointment today at 559-625-4246.


Dr. Kwong, Pharm.D., L.Ac., O.M.D.
Co-founder and owner